Programme – ALTA 2020

14th January (Thursday) Workshop Day 1 (all times AEDT)

  • 10:30 Opening Talk
  • 11:00 ALTA Keynote – Kendra Vant: Commercial machine learning at scale - the joys and the pitfalls (Session Chair: Maria Kim)
  • 12:00 Lunch & Virtual Networking
  • 13:00 Session 1 – Long Papers (Session Chair: Cecile Paris)

    • Domain Adaptative Causality Encoder.
      Farhad Moghimifar, Gholamreza Haffari and Mahsa Baktashmotlagh
      Paper Poster
    • Automated Detection of Cyberbullying Against Women and Immigrants and Cross-domain Adaptability.
      Thushari Atapattu, Mahen Herath, Georgia Zhang and Katrina Falkner
      Paper Poster
    • The Influence of Background Data Size on the Performance of a Score-based Likelihood Ratio System: A Case of Forensic Text Comparison.
      Shunichi Ishihara
      Paper Poster
    • Feature-Based Forensic Text Comparison Using a Poisson Model for Likelihood Ratio Estimation.
      Michael Carne and Shunichi Ishihara
      Paper Poster
  • 14:00 Afternoon Break & Poster Session & Virtual Networking (includes papers from Session 1)

    • Learning Causal Bayesian Networks from Text.
      Farhad Moghimifar, Afshin Rahimi, Mahsa Baktashmotlagh and Xue Li
      Paper Poster
    • Information Extraction from Legal Documents: A Study in the Context of Common Law Court Judgements.
      Meladel Mistica, Geordie Z. Zhang, Hui Chia, Kabir Manandhar Shrestha, Rohit Kumar Gupta, Saket Khandelwal, Jeannie Paterson, Timothy Baldwin and Daniel Beck
      Paper Poster
    • Benchmarking of Transformer-Based Pre-Trained Models on Social Media Text Classification Datasets.
      Yuting Guo, Xiangjue Dong, Mohammed Ali Al-Garadi, Abeed Sarker, Cecile Paris and Diego Mollá Aliod
      Paper Poster
    • Pandemic Literature Search: Finding Information on COVID-19.
      Vincent Nguyen, Maciek Rybinski, Sarvnaz Karimi and Zhenchang Xing
      Paper Poster
    • Leveraging Discourse Rewards for Document-Level Neural Machine Translation.
      Inigo Jauregi Unanue, Nazanin Esmaili, Gholamreza Haffari and Massimo Piccardi
    • The Open Domain Interviewing Agent.
      Ming-Bin Chen and Michael Witbrock
    • Cost-effective Selection of Pretraining Data: A Case Study of Pretraining BERT on Social Media.
      Xiang Dai, Sarvnaz Karimi, Ben Hachey and Cecile Paris
  • 15:30 Session 2 – Doctoral Symposium (Session Chair: Stephen Wan)

    • Recognizing Biomedical Names: Challenges and Solutions.
      Xiang Dai
    • Ngana Wubulku Junkurr-Jiku Balkaway-Ka: The Intergenerational Co-Design of a Tangible Technology to Keep Active Use of the Kuku Yalanji Aboriginal Language Strong.
      Jennyfer Lawrence Taylor
    • Automatic Generation of Security-Centric Description for Cyber Threats.
      Tingmin Wu
  • 16:30 End of ALTA 2020 Workshop Day 1

15th January (Friday) Workshop Day 2 (all times AEDT)

  • 11:00 ALTA Keynote – Andrew Perfors: Beyond corpus data: Language as the result of active, theory-driven, environmentally-grounded inference (Session Chair: Daniel Beck)
  • 12:00 Lunch & Virtual Networking
  • 13:00 Session 3 – Long papers (Session Chair: Trevor Cohn)

    • Modelling Verbal Morphology in Nen.
      Saliha Muradoglu, Nicholas Evans and Ekaterina Vylomova
      Paper Poster
    • An Automatic Vowel Space Generator for Language Learner Pronunciation Acquisition and Correction.
      Xinyuan Chao, Charbel El-Khaissi, Nicholas Kuo, Priscilla Kan John and Hanna Suominen
      Paper Poster
    • ABSA-Bench: Towards the Unified Evaluation of Aspect-based Sentiment Analysis Research.
      Abhishek Das and Wei Emma Zhang
      Paper Poster
    • A machine-learning based model to identify PhD-level skills in job ads.
      Li'An Chen, Inger Mewburn and Hanna Suonimen
      Paper Poster
  • 14:00 Afternoon Break & Poster Session & Virtual Networking (includes papers from Sessions 2 & 3)

    • Transformer Semantic Parsing.
      Gabriela Ferraro and Hanna Suominen
      Paper Poster
    • Convolutional and Recurrent Neural Networks for Spoken Emotion Recognition.
      Aaron Keesing, Ian Watson and Michael Witbrock
      Paper Poster
    • Popularity Prediction of Online Petitions using a Multimodal DeepRegression Model.
      Kotaro Kitayama, Shivashankar Subramanian and Timothy Baldwin
      Paper Poster
    • Exploring Looping Effects in RNN-based Architectures.
      Andrei Shcherbakov, Saliha Muradoglu and Ekaterina Vylomova
      Paper Poster
  • 15:30 Session 4 – Shared Task, AGM, Best Paper and Closing

    • Overview of the ALTA 2020 Shared Task: Assess Human Behaviour.
      Diego Mollá-Aliod
    • Automatically Predicting Judgement Dimensions of Human Behaviour.
      Segun Taofeek Aroyehun and Alexander Gelbukh
      Paper Poster
    • Classifying JUDGEMENTS using Transfer Learning.
      Pradeesh Parameswaran, Andrew Trotman, Veronica Liesaputra and David Eyers
      Paper Poster
    • Human Behavior Assessment using Ensemble Models.
      Abdullah Faiz Ur Rahman Khilji, Rituparna Khaund and Utkarsh Sinha
      Paper Poster
    • Annual General Meeting (Chair: Sarvnaz Karimi)
    • Best Paper Awards (Chair: Maria Kim)
    • Closing (Chair: Daniel Beck)
  • 17:00 End of ALTA 2020 Workshop Day 2